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Find out how Zorria Mortgages can help you anywhere in the UK. Make an appointment for a chat...

We’ll take care of all the paperwork for you in relation to your mortgage and protection applications including your Help to Buy & Shared Ownership applications if applicable. Your applications will be vetted, quality checked and cross-referenced.

We will also keep you updated on the progress of your mortgage and protection applications liaising with the lender and protection providers to progress you through to the completion of your purchase or re-mortgage.

We’ll answer any administration questions you have during the whole process and you will benefit from this service wherever and whoever you are buying a property from. If you have paid us a fee and your property purchase should fall through, the fee for this service can be transferred to a new property and/or application to a new lender.

Residential Purchases

From luxurious family homes to stylish studio apartments and everything in between, our detailed industry knowledge and expertise will help you find the right mortgage deal for the property you’re looking to buy. Providing close-knit guidance the entire way through, we build our services around your preferences and priorities, so you can find the perfect deal for you. We’ll support you until the day you get your keys and walk through your new front door and meticulously see a sale through the legal stages, ensuring the success of any chain to avoid unexpected disappointments. Just get in touch to start your search today.


Research suggests that 27% of mortgage holders in the UK are sitting on the wrong mortgage deal. That’s about 4 million people paying about £2.78 billion. If your mortgage deal with one lender has ended, or is coming to an end, why not find out if switching providers could save you money? With many competitive interest rates and offers out there, you might even be able to pay off your mortgage sooner or have lower payments. We understand that a mortgage is probably your biggest financial commitment, so it’s worth exploring the range of re-mortgage deals that we can advise on. With our industry expertise and years of experience in the property market we are perfectly positioned to advise on the best rates and most competitive deals. Would it be worth making a phone call to us, to find out?


Buying a new build property can be very different from buying a standard 2nd hand property in what can be quite a fast paced and unforgiving sector of the property industry. Quite simply, the developer and the selling agents will not be on your side during your purchase. We will be. We represent our buyers, not the developer or the sales agents. Whether it’s the negotiation on the purchase price, the incentives we can get from the developer, the reservation process, the type of construction, exposure limits, or build warranties we have the knowledge and experience in advising you from your initial interest all the way through to you moving in. Call us to find out how much you can borrow, and therefore what you can buy.

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The Shared ownership scheme allows you to buy part of your home while renting the rest. That means you need to borrow less and can buy with a smaller deposit. Call us to understand everything you need to know about getting a shared ownership mortgage. The scheme is aimed at helping people who would like to own their own home but can’t afford to buy on the open market. Under the scheme, the cost of home ownership is made more affordable because you can initially start by buying as little as 25% share in a property (up to 75%) and your deposit can be 5% of the price of that share, rather than the whole property. You will then rent the rest of the property from the local housing association, which is usually less than the rate charged on the open market (usually 2.75% of the value of the retained share, per annum).


Once you’ve accepted that banks do not offer life changing interest rates, and other higher yield investments amount to the same as gambling with your hard earned money, if you’re on your way to building your property empire, you will appreciate the service, speed, advice and availability of an experienced broker. We are Portfolio landlord specialists. A portfolio landlord is a borrower with four or more mortgaged Buy to Let rental properties. The criteria of borrowing under this status is slightly more enhanced. Call us now to find out how we can help with your portfolio.


What is Protection? It is Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Income Protection and Buildings and Contents Insurance. It’s the protection of you and your loved ones, your ability to go to work and earn money to pay for your lifestyle and debts, and the protection of your property and the items you own, that are kept there. It’s natural to want to make sure that you, your family and those dependent on you are protected in an unexpected event such as death, illness, injury or unemployment. We will help you understand the range of protection policies available and as an impartial protection broker we will offer completely unbiased advice based on your individual needs and circumstances. We will search the whole market place to find you the best possible protection, based on your requirements, at the very best price.


It can be exciting thinking about buying your first home, but it can also be difficult to get on the property ladder. That's why we’re here to help first time home buyers by supporting you every step of the way. We’ll explain all the different first time buyer mortgage deals and offers to you in jargon free language that you can understand, while our advisers give you independent and impartial advice tailored to meet your needs. With our expert team, you can be confident that we’re focused on finding the right deal for you and can also offer advice on first time buyer mortgages including the Help to Buy and Shared Ownership schemes.


Saving for a large deposit can be a long and tiresome journey, and sometimes may even seem impossible. Thanks to the government’s Help to Buy scheme, you can now buy a home with as little as a 5% deposit and have lower mortgage repayments than you would with a standard mortgage arrangement. Available throughout the UK, the scheme will allow you to take out an equity loan of up to 20% of the property value from the government. This, combined with your 5% deposit, means that you may only need a 75% mortgage on your new home. There are regional differences across England on how much the scheme will allow you to borrow and buy for. We will be more than happy to go over the finer points of the scheme and the long term financial implications of it to make sure you’re fully informed about your Help to Buy purchase before you commit yourself. When it comes to the Help to Buy scheme, we’ll not only guarantee that you get the very best mortgage deal available to you, but we’ll walk you through the entire Help to Buy application, deal with the paperwork, and liaise with lenders, builders, and solicitors on your behalf, usually, all at zero cost to you.

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You may know of, or heard of, someone making a success in the Buy to Let investment market. Having learnt from us that this type of purchase will come with its risks and rewards, you may want a piece of this action. If so, when you are thinking of becoming a landlord, as well as knowing the most popular areas and types of property for renters, the right mortgage advice and guidance is key. Our experience in this industry forms part of the wealth of knowledge you will need to make your investment successful. You will need to know the complexities of letting properties, such as insurance and obtaining the correct mortgage. We will help you with this, endorse your mortgage application to be viewed as favorable as possible by the lender and represent you in your purchase. We’re here to help you make it happen


If you have had arrears, defaults, county court judgements (CCJs), debt management plans or have been made bankrupt in the past 6 years, there are still mortgage options available. Bad credit mortgages help people with a history of poor credit get on the property ladder. You may have to pay a slightly higher interest rate for the short term, as mortgage lenders will deem you to be a higher risk. However, if you keep up repayments on a poor credit mortgage, your credit rating should improve and enable you to move to a standard mortgage at a lower rate, sometimes as soon as after a few years. Our friendly mortgage advisers regularly deal with lenders who are experienced in lending to customers with poor credit ratings, and are well placed to advise you on all your available options. They will work with you to find you the most suitable mortgage deal and secure an Agreement in Principle, so you can turn your dream of getting a new home into a reality.

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