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Our Insurance & Protection

Zorria Mortgages will protect your property and valuables against fire, storm, flood and theft...

As the protection of you and your ability to earn money and pay for your debt is imperative, the protection of your property is just as imperative, including the items that you carry, wear and use in the property.

Zorria Mortgages are experts when it comes to finding you the very best insurance product that will do this. The chosen policy will be at the best possible price available.


Unlike some brokers, banks or price comparison websites, we aren’t tied to a single insurance provider. This means that we can offer completely unbiased and impartial advice on a range of insurance policies, from Buildings and Contents insurance through to Landlords cover for Buy To Let properties.


As impartial financial consultants, we can search through a range of policies from our extensive list of insurers to find the cover that best suits your requirements, and budget. You can rest assured that with Zorria Mortgages your insurance needs are in safe hands.

Insurance & Protection

Buildings Insurance

This insurance covers the physical structure of your house, such as walls, roofs, ceilings, doors, as well as permanent fixtures and fittings.

If you want, it could also cover damage to things such as conservatories, sheds or garages linked to or on your property. Depending on the policy building insurance covers you against damage in events such as fire, storm, flood, lightning, explosion, earthquake, theft or attempted theft, riots, vandalism, subsidence, falling trees, moving objects (for example, a car hitting your house) or water/oil leaks.

Landlords Insurance

A landlord policy is usually used to provide cover for Buy To Let properties. Cover can range from Buildings and Contents, to rent guarantee, home assistance for burst pipes etc., legal cover or alternate accommodation if the property becomes uninhabitable for your tenant.

Critical Illness Cover

You are statistically more likely to suffer a critical illness than die. So this policy will deal specifically with life threatening, life-limiting or other serious illnesses.

Under this protection you can expect to receive a tax-free lump sum, one off payment, if you’re diagnosed with one of the illnesses covered by your policy. The lump sum payment that is made can be used to pay off or reduce a mortgage (or other debt), or can be used to simply provide you with a lump sum while you recover, during a period that you are possibly not able to go to work and earn the money you once did.

Accident Sickness & Unemployment

ASU is a policy designed to provide cover against losing your income through accident, sickness or redundancy and will normally provide a monthly benefit for the short term, typically 1 or 2 years.

Contents Insurance

As the name suggests Contents Insurance protects your possessions and personal items inside the home...

...or sometimes in storage, on your property boundary, i.e. garages and sheds etc. The cover offered by a policy can range from things like TV’s and other electronic devices, through to clothes and cash, jewellery and furniture. Typical things you are covered against would be damage or loss through, accidental damage, fire, storm, flood, theft or vandalism.

Life Insurance

This will pay a tax free lump sum. The amount should be for the mortgage debt at least but will be an amount you choose.

The lump sum payment that is made can be used to pay off or reduce a mortgage (or other debt), or can be used to simply provide your nominated person with a lump sum upon death.

Income Protection

Income Protection is a long term policy that will pay you a monthly amount that you choose if, during the policy term, you can’t work and suffer a loss of earnings due to any incapacity, illness or injury.

This cover provides a regular income while you recover and are unable to work. It will continue to pay out until either you are well enough to return to work, until your chosen term for the policy ends, or on death, in which case your life insurance will pay out. Income Protection is a long Term cover and typically does not cover Redundancy.

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